Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts supports performing arts programming at the Duke Energy Center for the Arts – Mahaffey Theater. We provide arts education programs for youth, community outreach programs, and performances as well as concerts for the entire community. The Foundation and Theater staff work together to deliver unrivaled cultural arts experiences to our patrons.


Since 2011, Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts has grown from serving 98,000 visitors to more than 250,000 visitors annually. In the past seven years, we have presented more than 320 culturally diverse performances to the main stage of the Duke Energy Center for the Arts – Mahaffey Theater. The Mahaffey Theater is an integral part of the arts culture in Tampa Bay and is considered the premier performing arts center in St. Petersburg, adding to the many cultural assets that draw national and international visitors to our region.


Here at Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts we put the “A” in STEAM!  School children may become more creative by adding STEAM education to their everyday curriculum. STEAM education promotes problem solving, and creative and analytical thinking. Many of the jobs that affect our future economy include STEAM subjects and a STEAM education helps create a nation of innovators and creative thinkers.


We offer something for everyone! Our programming is as diverse as our audience. It is a primary focus of our Foundation to embrace diversity and make live theater performances available to all ages and socioeconomic groups. Every year we gift hundreds of tickets to qualifying non-profit organizations for their fundraisers and their constituencies. Additionally, we provide admission and transportation scholarships to those school children who are less fortunate.