Pocahontas-October 3rd

Our school brought a small class of students of various ages to the performance, and from the time we pulled into the parking lot until our departure, everything about our experience was extremely positive.  The students and adults on the field trip all thoroughly enjoyed the performance and learned from it.  Our group was invited to stay for a complimentary lunch which was provided by PDQ as well as a workshop with the cast of the play.  Everyone we came in contact with was friendly and very professional.  It was an amazing opportunity to enrich the lives of our students and provide background for future learning experiences.  We are very grateful to April Minor and all who were involved in making this field trip a shining success.  –Aggie Wunderlich, St. Patrick Catholic School

This is the 1st performance that my kids were not overly excited to talk about afterwards. I think it may have been a little too much historical information for a Kindergarten student to follow.     Allyssa Radosevich, St John Vianney

The students really enjoyed the performance and are still talking about it. The students learned about Pocahontas in the classrooms and to see it performed live really made learning about her more real. They were able to compare the movie with what they learned in the classroom. –Carolyn Pressley, Elim Junior Academy

Bill Blagg-Magic in Motion-October 8th

I appreciated Mr. Blagg’s treatment of Newton’s Laws. We had just finished studying motion and these laws and it was wonderful reinforcement for these standards.Thanks again!!!-Mary Karbowski, Holy Family Catholic School

It was an all-around great experience. The scholars were engaged and excited to be there. The staff was great! Thanks for having Melrose. –Jeremy Nash, Melrose Elem.

The students and staff had an awesome time with this very informative and entertaining learning experience.  What I loved most was that our boys, grades 6-8, were genuinely amazed, which is difficult to do for them.  We are a middle school prevention program for at-risk boys and our boys have, unfortunately, seen and experienced “too much” in their lives already.  Finding something that amazes them and is able to hold their attention is difficult.  We rent vans and travel from Manatee County to be a part of these shows and it is always a pleasure.  Thank you sponsoring us in these experiences.  We really appreciate every opportunity!! –Carolyn McBean-AMI Manatee

First I want to say thank you on behalf of the 5000 Role Models and Girlfriends for allowing us to come to the show. The kids really enjoyed it, they were captivated by what Bill Blagg was presenting to them. It was a real challenge for them to figure out each magic trick he performed. And even more a learning experience for a life time. Ku-dos for you and the education foundation for setting this up-Bradley Thurman, Meadowlawn Middle

Very enjoyable for both adults and students-Emma Sichette, Campbell Park

Thumbelina-October 10th

This performance was not as interesting to my kindergarteners as other shows have been. I think a little more creative costumes and makeup would have been helpful.  The butterfly and beetle were best costumes.  It was hard to see that the fish or toad or mole were any different…  It was also a little longer than other shows.  An additional actor would make the performance better.  It was hard for my students to follow the character and setting at times.

The actors and actresses were great!  It was an enjoyable day!  Thank you.

Also, 1 other comment.  Public school buses cannot pick us up until 10:15 which means by the time we load the buses and get to you 11:00 is a tight time frame.  Just want you to know 11:15 start time is more realistic.  Thank you for waiting for us.  🙂

See you next year –Kathleen Hill, Orange Grove 

Thank you for allowing us to see the show.-Vivian Caldea, Cross Bayou

Our students loved the show! We had awesome seats! Thank you!

The kids made drawings of what they saw and I will be sending them in!-Leanna Williams, Skyview Elem

More Testimonials

The performance tied in perfectly to many of our state standards! We came back and did some comparing and contrasting between the play and the book.
Ushers were so understanding and helpful with my students and the specific needs of them!
This was the first time for my students visiting a theatre and seeing a live performance. Thank you so much for providing them this opportunity.
Julie Bush
Sexton Elementary- Special Ed

Westgate 1st Grade absolutely loved the Giving Tree Drum Circle performance.    The students were highly engaged and enjoyed every minute.    The students had a great time making patterns with the drums and having the opportunity to dance to the beat.   Steve was absolutely amazing with the students. And Bess the Book Bus was a great addition!  We are a Title 1 school, so giving the students a book to take home was a very special treat for everyone!Tamara Wilkes

Teacher, Westgate El.

Thank you for offering performances that match our standards so well. They make our field trips very justifiable to our principals. Plus, the content in class becomes richer, thanks to you!
Shannon M. Carmona
Saint Paul Catholic School

My students are still talking about the performance.  They absolutely loved it!!!!
Mrs. Fintak
Adv. Reading/AVID/Mentor/AVID Coordinator
Bay Point Middle School